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AHA's Annual Abby Irwin Family Picnic

Saturday, June 10 

(11AM to 4PM)

Rain Date, Sunday, June 11

West Hills County Park, Melville

People travel from far and wide to attend this annual event for the entire family. It's a day of games, food and socializing for everyone. There is no charge for this event but you must RSVP! AHA/AS/PDD provides the burgers, hot dogs, charcoal, dessert and drinks.

Each family is asked to bring a salad, side dish, or fruit dish (No sweets)


make a monetary donation of $25 minimum per family

Older teens and adult individuals on the spectrum are welcome individually or with family members.

To RSVP for the picnic, send an e-mail to [email protected]


call 516.223.0174 or 631.331.5114

Tell us:

  • how many adults, and
  • how many children will be in your group, and
  • please give us three choices of what you would like to bring
  • registration deadline is June 3, 2006.

Horseriding is available at nearby Sweet Hollow Stables. The fee is $30 for a one hour ride. If you are interested let us know in your registration email or call.

Northern State Parkway to exit 40 (Route 110) South.
Make first right onto Old Country Road. Make first right onto Sweet Hollow Road. Go under parkway and straight ahead at the intersection. Picnic ground is on the right about a 1/4 mile past the intersection.

Parking Fee $2.00 per car.

The Annual Picnic
by Pat Long

A number of years ago, Abby Irwin came to one of my support meetings. I felt her energy and purpose right away. She was so family oriented and dedicated to finding every avenue that could lead to improving the life of her son Jon, who was diagnosed with AS. Over the course of time, Abby and I became close and she expressed the desire to contribute whatever she could to further the success of our group.

One of the things all parents want is the opportunity to meet families and children like our own. Abby and I thought it would be great if we could provide a format where that could happen. Support meetings were GREAT but we needed something more. That is where the inspiration for our annual picnic came from. Abby loved the idea and ran with it. She found a great park, and with her former catering connections she created a most wonderful experience for everyone who attended. In the beginning, Abby would send me a list - and an endless one that of all the local merchants who were willing to donate food, snacks, veggies, seafood, toys, paper goods and anything else you could imagine to make for a successful picnic. I would run around all over Riverhead and local towns to pick up the donations. It was quite overwhelming to see the love and generosity that was generated by Abby and her charisma.

The picnic became the most profound experience of the families who attended and at the center of it all was Abby. Everyone came to see and meet this incredibly dynamic woman.

The picnic has become a hallmark of our group and we owe it all to the phenomenal energy and family dedication of our beloved Abby Irwin.

Through her efforts families have bonded, young people on the spectrum have made lasting friendships, siblings have found special connections and memories have been created that will stay with all of us who have had the special experience of being at those picnics with Abby and her family.

I thought it important for you to know where it all came from, and why we dedicate this annual picnic to Abby.



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