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Blue Bottle Mystery : An Asperger's Adventure
Kathy Hoopmann
Reading Level: Ages 9-12
Amazon.com Prize: $12.95

From School Library Journal - Blue Bottle Mystery is a simple and straightforward story with appealing characters. It's a gentle introduction to the challenges and unique qualities of people living with Asperger's and a welcome read for families who have experienced it and similar conditions.

Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain
Trevor Romain (Illustrator), Elizabeth Verdick (Editor)
Reading Level: Ages 9-12
Amazon.com Price: $9.95

Every child needs to know how to cope with bullies, and this book blends humor with serious, practical suggestions that will help kids understand, avoid and stand up to bullies while preserving their own self-esteem.

Feelings (Reading Rainbow Book)
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Amazon.com Price: $ 5.99

A parent's comment: "Small children sometimes have trouble sorting out how they are feeling, or why something they did provokes such a reaction in someone else. This book gives vivid and thoughtful examples".

Hello! Good-Bye
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Amazon.com Price: $ 11.89

A parent comment: "This book is a wonderful read. My 4-year-old loved it. I like the use of simplistic, yet powerful drawings of different ethnic and cultural groups throughout the book. Shows that saying hello and good-bye is a part of everyone's life".

How to Do Homework Without Throwing Up
Trevor Romain (Illustrator), Elizabeth Verdick (Editor)
Reading Level: Ages 9-12
Amazon.com Price: $8.95

Midwest Book Review
This book is insightful reading for teachers and parents, but it is specifically directed to students who will laugh along with Trevor Romain's jokes and cartoons and witticisms as he teaches important homework truths such as: Though it might feel good at the time, throwing a fit will not make your homework easier to do. Dogs do not eat homework, especially science projects. Students of all ages and grade placements will learn valuable homework skills like how to make a homework schedule, how to get help with homework assignments, and how to avoid TV-Homework-Neck.

No Image
Jarvis Clutch: Social Spy
Melvin Levine
Amazon.com Price: $19.85

Great reading mystery with a detective with AS as the central character.

This is Asperger Syndrome
Elisa Gagnon, Brenda Smith Myles
Reading Level: Ages 6-12
Amazon.com Price: $13.95

This much-needed book demystifies the unique and sometimes puzzling behaviors of individuals with Asperger Syndrome by letting the reader experience the world from the perspective of a young child with Asperger Syndrome. The brief, easy-to-understand text is accompanied by whimsical cartoon-like characters. Through brief vignettes illustrated with cartoon-like characters, This Is Asperger Syndrome introduces siblings, peers and other children to the everyday challenges faced by children with Asperger Syndrome at home or at school. Written for children ages 6-12, the book may be read independently by older children and also serves as a springboard for further discussion led by parents and teachers.

Trevor Trevor
Diane Twachtman-Cullen, Deidre Sassano
Amazon.com Price: $10.50

From the Amazon.com book description: Trevor Trevor is a metaphor for children. A form of symbolic communication, the metaphor uses indirect teaching and implication to stimulate new ways of thinking. The main character, Trevor, is a child with impressive, though isolated skills. Unfortunately, it is not Trevor's strengths that his classmates notice, but rather his differences. Trevor Trevor is a heartwarming story designed to be read to children by adults.

No Picture
Why is Everybody Always Picking on Me?: A Guide to Understanding Bullies for Young People
by Terrence Webster-Doyle
Amazon.com Price: $14.95

Recommended at our Fall Conference by Dr. Barry McNamara


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